Over 400 Questions for Character Development
Over 400 Questions for Character Development by K. S. Everhart helps writers of all levels achieve in-depth, well-rounded characters and even helps evolve story lines and worlds that the characters live and play within. 
It is hard work to develop in-depth characters that your readers can fall in love with or relate to, but that is the task of authors. If an author is to be successful, then they must find ways to create characters for people to latch on to, relate to, and love. 

There are many different ways to come up with characters to use in writing, whether it’s novels, short stories, fan fictions, or anything else. However, the best characters are the ones that an author knows really well. 
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Help your child learn to identify and read the letter of the Alphabet in all the many forms it can take in this digital world. Nowadays, the world is full of a vast array of fonts that changes the way letters appear. As adults, we have already established the differing curves and looks of the letters. Help your child get off to the right foot with this simple textbook.
This eBook, available on Amazon Kindle , is about helping children learning how to recognize the English Alphabet in different fonts that are often used on computers, signs, and even book covers. Teaching children to write and recognize the Alphabet in one particular way is a thing of the past.

In the old days, people studied calligraphy and penmanship, and were expected to write each letter in exactly the same fashion. Nowadays there are thousands of fonts readily available for download over the internet for anyone to use on any project.

Billboards, posters, commercials, logos, signs... just about anything you look at nowadays with words incorporated, they all have varying fonts and styles.

I think it is very important to teach our children early the fundamentals of learning to recognize the ever-differing font styles of today's text.